Friday, March 14, 2008

Tie Dye and Other Cool Stuff

Today we tie dyed some t-shirts. All the kids came around the table and I gave them all a pair of latex gloves. The littlest ones were funny as theirs were way too big and they had to hit each other over the heads with them and blow them up when my 9 year old showed them that they could. We had a bunch of thick rubber bands and that wasn't enough, so I got some yarn. The yarn was nice because it soaked up some of the dye and made darker lines instead of white lines. The shirts were beautiful. My 11 year old wants to make a dress with the tie dye and she looked up some basic designs online that I can get her-- she wants to do the flowing kind. The boys were jealous and they can only do shirts! Pants are not quite the same!

The first shirts were done dry where I washed them then dried them and applied dye. As we started to run out, the kids were having so much fun that they wanted to get a few more things that they had that were stained. I got the tops wet and the dye wasn't as bold but it soaked more.

I made another tasty dish that is vegan-- it's a vegetable curry with potatoes. The sauce is Thai and the kids started talking about how it's nicer than going to a restaurant!

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Adorable Pancreas said...

We did a tie and dye project at school, when we were about seven. All of us walked around with red and yellow handkerchiefs for a month after that!