Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I signed up with a corset training group. I have a nice figure but yoga isn't flattening me out the rest of the way. Why did I sign up on the same day that some looser wench did who as critical of me? She's not gotten to me, but damn that ticks me off!

She is about to get banned by the mods but what an annoying person. She acts so much above it. "OHMYGOD this is too funny!" in response to a question I had. Does she think she is "saving" us somehow? Does she do anything that causes her to struggle or is her life one self indulgence after another? (You'd have to see her comments to fully understand.)

Today it rained hard. I wonder if this is the final rain that comes in to shower us all before the snow? The sun had been nice but the ground needed the rain.

The poor kids-- I feel badly for them as it is so wet out that they can't go play. It gets boring in here when it's raining outside.

Better with dh today-- that was nice. I woke him up with a full body rub that he loved.

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