Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Water Colour Class

Tonight in water colour, I had fun. I was on some narcotics to control my oral pain and decided to be bigger and bolder. Now, big n' bold is my kinda thing anyway, but tonight I was having more fun than usual. My husband drove me and went off to study and I was dropping colors in and making the best sky and water anyone has ever seen this side of Antarctica. I was doing a local mountain and I was making it look prehistoric. I was painting fast and furious and my friends were all asking if I was on depressants or LSD. You know, I was on depressants but I think you could have given me a placebo and I'd have gone a little crazy because I always feel like I need an excuse. It can't be because I like doing it a certain way-- I needed a reason. Anyway, it's some of my best work.

I love to paint. When you start doing watercolour, you see differently. I look at the mountains and see colours reflected in them from all around. I did a painting of some local weeds, used my loupe and made them bigger and put them in a glass in my head and put them on paper. Everyone knew what they were even though no one had seem the flowers so big. The leaves were green but they reflected the colours around them, then I did the same with the blossoms.

I don't see mountains or water or stems or buds-- I see how everything around my subjects is reflected. It's pretty cool when you get into it.

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