Monday, July 09, 2007

Stress Management

Today I got my bathroom cleaned up and my two year old spread shampoo all over the floor. I came in to find her playing in the just cleaned toilet. I'd been having my back turned washing and folding clothes. Welcome to my life.

On top of it I realized that I was supposed to get two book reports turned in. This could mean, "I wanted an A and thought that Book Report II was to be turned in on 20 July and now I can get no higher than a C." OR it could mean, "I wanted an A but by only doing one book report I can get no higher than a C and I do not have to do some of the other projects." I have to check it out with the prof but if I can choose the latter, I will have less stress. He has over 200 students online so I won't beg or plead-- he says, "No begging or pleading. Don't be late."

This still sucks.

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Ropinator said...

Be optimistic. If you get a C , imagine that it is the abbreviation of clever.