Saturday, July 28, 2007

Masters Degree Ideas and Dh Came Home

My husband is home-- I missed him. When he left I was ready to throw him out-- not as in divorce but just because I was getting tired of him. A business trip for him does us both good from time to time. Last year when my dad was dying and I had to leave state ASAP, he saw for the first time what it is that I do. He said, "You may not call yourself a housewife. You are an SUVwife!" He saw for the first time what a simple trip to the dentists' office is when all the kids need to go over the course of two days. Bundling up the babies, herding them like cats into the car, our one son with slight special needs discovering ant hills or snow mounds. . . it was good for him to see what I go through!

Him being back-- the bed didn't seem too big last night and I was happy to wake up next to him. Is he just a bed warmer to me? That's not always a bad thing. . .

At yoga training I learned about a degree that I am interested in called Somatics. Here is a link to the college that teaches it. It's counseling but with a body approach. I am trying to figure out how to do this from where I live because I can't leave state for long. I need a MA in Counseling Psychology but with an emphasis in somatics and body movement. Some how I have to get classes in anatomy but there is one problem: D. Milligan. I took a class with him 16 years ago and he told us that his class was a weeder class. He got sent out to my neck of the woods (I am semi rural) because I think he got chased of out The City. He's proud of the number of people who fail his class. His class was the hardest class I ever failed-- I really learned a lot and I was average for his class. Of course it is pre-med and they want only the brightest, but if they focussed on teaching by not talking as fast as an auctioneer and gave students tips on memorizing the content, it would be easier and our foundation would be better. My yoga trainers said that I need to stay with yoga training and get my anatomy with them where I experience it, then take A&P where it won't be in the book but on my body. I reach a point of saturation with learning and my mind scrambles everything and I don't process it for two weeks, but it's there in my brain for (as far as I know) Forever. This is fine with yoga and we work on my learning issues, but for a semester long class? I can't take the final after Christmas break after I have had time to not look at the material and let it settle!

I dropped the Korean class for this Fall. A good friend who is a lawyer advised me. I told him about taking Russian and Korean and he said, "Winners plan to win. This means, their strategy is to win. Two language classes will make you useless in both. You can always learn another one later, but even taking an Asian language is hard for teenagers. You are a mother with nine kids and a full load of classes." He was right. I felt better after I dropped the Korean. He associated dropping a class with spitting out food at a formal dinner-- only worse because it is on your transcript for forever! He had to explain this to me in detail-- I would have never gotten it otherwise. I feel embarrassed for not understanding this before.

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