Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh Dear. . .

The neighborhood may have heard me swearing. I was taking a (LOL) stress management final exam online. It was timed. I had to have certain biofeedback techniques memorized along with the names of the researchers who founded them. Psychology is worse than theatre with how the names of researchers and their work is to be memorialized for all Eternity. Anyway, my kids were being flipping orangutans and I yelled and swore at them. (My semester project to work on, BTW.)

I am paranoid-- do other people understand that we sometimes swear at our children? I live in a religious neighborhood-- nice upright people who seem to live like Ward and June which is fine-- but I was having a Rosanne moment. (I could never stand her show.) Please tell me that I am not the only one who uses colorful language. I only wanted them to shut the f--- up or get their butts in bed.

I got 41 out of 50 on my test, but I was totally stressed out.

I will have 78% total for my tests and that is the bottom of making a B for the class. My APA style is bad. I wonder how I will be graded on my other work. The tests seemed to be the main criteria though and you do the other work for the grade you want. In my case I contracted for an A and I did two reports and a project paper and a power point presentation.

I signed up for a Spanish class that is taught on line. I am trying to get the drawing teacher to let me come to class 20 minutes late one day a week as we have a meeting online for an hour and twenty minutes each week. It's not nearly enough to do as she wants, but online classes have certain criteria. Sigh. I will have no energy if I cannot take the drawing class, but the first half hour of drawing is important as you do speed warm-ups usually with chalk or another soft medium and get proportions in order.

It is wet outside and the kids are going stir crazy. I drove them up the road to see a new career center that I hope a few of the kids will go to. They all liked going up there and of course want to go out and skateboard on their sides walks, have me push a stroller with the babies, etc. We may go there to pick berries. My son with special needs wants to pick berries with me and make jelly for the fair which we may do. He has special needs but no one knows how severe they are. I think he is just wired differently-- he is smart, but socially behind. In a few years I hope he will catch up. He is pretty artistic and I wonder how much like me he is. He looks like dh's and my brothers, not like dh or me.

It's hard to imagine that another month from now will be berry picking time. The kids and I love that but it's exhausting. Still, we have fun and we make jellies and dh and I make wines.

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