Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gotta Have Art

I made some pretty envelopes last night of some mountain scenes. I had a couple of thank you notes then on some business envelopes made of heavier paper I wrote a compliment letter to my dashing dentist (about his office, his staff, his good looks) and sent an application for a volunteer gig in another one. I hope they like them. Last year when I ran in my Mrs. Pageant I sent monthly notes to my sponsors with different designs on them. I wonder if they miss my mail. Those letters had no boundaries on them-- now I tape around the envelope (this is higher grade paper so the tape doesn't stick) and paint. The boundaries look better. It's not just mail art, it's art on mail.

I don't know if I will learn another language. I never heard from the hospital. My passion is art. Art communicates over cultures. Umm, right? Who cares if I am a good artist who can draw and look into people's souls by their gestures or get loads of information off their hands or how they sit or speak. . . I need a language. Forget what they are saying-- as an artist I learn what they mean. And what they aren't saying. I just want to take all my electives in art. I wish They (at the university) could make a language be part of my major then I wouldn't be limited on what I can take.

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