Sunday, July 15, 2007

There Goes my Baby

The last post was written yesterday but I forgot to post it. I did not write several paragraphs just to write a short paragraph on this.

My eldest daughter just left to go live with my brother. He is a college professor and lives near the college in the next town. It's a good move for her. Six years ago I lost her and her sister in a court battle and they left for my ex's for three years of hell, three years ago they came back. Now I am giving her up once again and God willing she does well and won't need to come home, but the door is always open. She'll be back-- she is close to her brothers and sisters and me and my husband.

The other day she accessed an account that the judge ordered that some money be put in to. I was never able to get at the money although I was supposed to be able to. (My ex learned early that with our state court system, nothing matters unless it's enforced. It takes money.) My ex has been taking her money. She can't get at it without his permission. She had already disliked him but now she dislikes him more, but she smiled and said, "It's not hate. The opposite of love is not hate-- it's indifference!" Too funny. She does things on her terms.

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