Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Can't Believe What I Just Did. . .

My eldest went to get a cavity filled. I dropped her off and picked her up. No problem. Her coat was moving. I asked why her left breast seemed to have suddenly developed an ability to move on its own. "Oh that! I found a cat-- I mean, while I was waiting for you it found me-- can we go to the pound and see if it has a tag and if not can we keep it?" At this point the cat was sitting on her shoulder like a ferret. She'd about eight weeks old and too thin.

I can't say no to my daughter. We go places and strays find her and follow her. Guys are that way but she dismisses them easily. Animals? She personifies them and suddenly we are in love with them.

She's home with us. Dear God I hope we can afford her-- money is always so tight. Of course my daughter is leaving in a few days to live with my brother and get a job at the college she will be attending. She'll come home quite a bit-- but this is a bad time for her to commit to a cat. That is OK. She's so damned cute!

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