Friday, July 18, 2008

The Diva is in the Shop

Henceforth I will refer to my rusty old SUV which I love as "The Diva." I've fallen a long way from my Hillside upbringing. My mother used to look at vehicles like mine and be like, "How can they be seen in that?" The Diva runs and has heat and air conditioning. Whooo-hooo, I'm lucky even if she does only drink gas and get 12 MPG-- she is my chariot. The Diva is at the mechanic's shop. He said, "You really just need a new vehicle." I cannot afford one. I'm up a creek. Does anyone else sprinkle their vehicles with Holy Water? My mechanic is Catholic and loves what he does-- when I told him that I pray before I drive for my safety, him, and the people on the road, he hugged me. I wonder if he prays for his clients-- for cars that run and deep pockets! He's like a good doctor-- he'd rather just do tune-ups a preventative care, but alas he is needed for the problems, too! He says I am like the blue guy on Sesame Street with my car noise imitations.

I would be an excellent philanthropist-- I really wish I wasn't having so many bills to worry over and could fund good things, instead, but don't we all wish that? I like the mechanic very much so. . . I try to not wince too much as I pay him! I'm very blessed to have him.


Ropi said...

well, I suppose a mechanic prays for a puncture in front of the workshop.

Gledwood said...

OK I hold my hands up... I am not American!

So what actually IS an SUV?

I hear about them all the time..!