Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A sweet kid story

Today Mudd was asking me about letters. He was making shapes with a pipecleaner. He knows how to spell him name but has never thought about the letters representing sounds.

He made and shape and I asked the name of the letter (He said, "N.") and I asked what sound it made. He looked confused and got on the ground and said, "Woof!"

I told him that he was brilliant but explained to him "N" makes the /n/ sound. He wanted to know the rest. I helped him with a few letters and he was very happy with himself as he learned the letters in his name and their sounds.

I am learning my statistics. I wish I were as fast learning formulas as he is with learning sounds! Mudd is 4 and he will be five soon. He is pretty sharp. His smallest big sister Calamity Jane walked in and wanted to know what we were doing. I explained to her that letters have sounds. I wrote Mudd's name out and spelled it, saying each letter. I asked if she could guess what I had spelled. She studied it for a second and said, "Icecream?" (They catch on fast!) I taught her to spell it. It was cute. She will start kindergarten this year.

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Ropi said...

Well, I also learned reading and writing quite fast however my spelling was quite bad until 5th grade. With loud reading I always had problems because sometimes I start stuttering and I have to concentrate hard not to do it. It is worse in English because it has different pronunciation than writing so I also have to think with that.