Monday, July 07, 2008

Massaging my husband

I worked on my husband for two hours tonight. (Sunday.) He's not sure that the fee for the class was worth it,but he said that I am doing better on a technical level. I'd have never bought a massage table had I not taken the class-- it makes a huge difference. He works in public health and quite a few people are interested in massage. What he is telling them is, "If you think you will really pursue it as a career, go for it. If not, buy a table for the largest person you think you will work on and [____] massage books." (He tells them the ones from my class.)

I started to get mad-- I was working on him and the moment when the memory of my teacher yanking my nose hit and it just ticked me off. I was really mad! I put my energy into my husband's leg and he was very content. I put all of my weight into him and it hardly registers for him. I did shiatsu on him which made a huge difference-- he did feel it. My hands are getting strong.

Anyway-- my husband enjoyed his massage and said it's enough for me to do it on him. (I have also worked on a few friends since the class. It's good-- I take no money. I don't know that I will.) I played Pandora and I worked on him to Randy Travis radio.

I tried a new tea today-- it's tangerine tea made by the Republic of Tea. I don't know how to describe teas in snob terms, but it's delicious. I like the idea of a Republic of Tea. . . my own grand little country! :) I drank six cups today; I am a bit wired and stressed out!


Emperor Ropi said...

Well, the most important thing is he enjoyed it. Well, you should forget that thing. YOu can't be angry for ever. Quite precisely you can but then it may not be a pleasure to be around you.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

With that, I shall endeavor to drop the anger!

Your comments are always a pleasure to read, Ropi!

Stress Reducer said...

Your husband is a lucky man - a 2 hour massage! Sounds like nirvana.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Wow....that would have been one great massage :)