Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Political Story

We used to do a lot of political stuff-- on the fun level. Joining our candidates in parades, helping to stuff envelopes and get their message out, serving at fundraisers and greeting people, but I am disgusted with them now. I went to lunch with some today. Our top man, Ted Stevens has been indicted. I have my opinions and I won't share them. I of course have an emotional connection to everyone and I met him and liked him. The man has dedicated 40 years of his life to Alaska. Regardless of what I think of him, people are making crass jokes about him and making very hateful remarks. The luncheon was to be with a friend who is Republican. The Republicans make mean remarks about the Democrats and most of them support Ted and were bashing Parnell another Republican who is running for Congressman Don Young's seat. (I have very personal reasons for not liking Parnell and I cannot vote for him.) Why do they do this? The Democrats are just as bad as being mean, as are the Parnell supporters who were not there or just not saying anything. Since I was being treated by my friend, I said nothing and just listened, but they had a blend of vitriol and hate seasoning everything they ate! They joke about each other, honestly believing that the other is stupid. I did say to one of the women at my table today to one of her remarks, "It makes you wonder how _______ supporters can get up and know which way to put their underwear on." They laughed. I wasn't laughing.

We used to joke about the other side, but they don't joke any more. The jokes are cruel. I don't let my kids joke like that. I can't take them to these events any more.

Our society is getting inefficient and needing to blame everyone. Ted Stevens going down makes me sad. If he is corrupt, it's sad because he well, his soul is at stake. If he's not, it's scary because anyone can be accused of anything and they have an uphill battle proving themselves innocent. Ted has passed some laws that were not effective for Alaskans or average people in general. My understanding is that laws do not get voted on individually but in clusters. Was he voting for something greater when he passed the bad laws? I do not know. I think that he cares about the state, but he is a politician and we cannot trust what they say. He is being turned in by someone who he thought was his friend (Do you see a pattern here?) who I do not trust to be truthful. It is very sad.

I listened to David Cuddy the other day on the radio. I liked him and almost called my husband at work to tell him to listen to him (if he was working on a project and had his headset on.) I stopped. I realized that I was excited, but what did it matter? Would I be saying that David Cuddy had the answers? Certainly he believes in many things that I agree with, but he won't have the power to follow through with anything as he will be a junior senator. What does it matter?

I told my eldest that I do not want to vote now, but she, named for my debate coach who was very much into voting, reminded me of the cake we either bake or buy with a donkey (democrat) and elephant (republican) motif on it, and she said that she will come home that day and go with me and even bake or buy the cake herself and have it after dinner and watch the results come in. She says she will tell me who to vote for if I don't bother, saying, "Please! It's for your children!" I'm so damned corny that I promised her I'd do it for her. I actually believed in this bunk, but it's really pointless. I don't even care right now, but she does. I lean toward the middle; I like Libertarians and Independents, but she is a die-hard Democrat. My ex husband is conservative and she will do to him what I used to do and call him up and brag that she canceled his vote for president. Then she will brag that I took her advice. My second eldest will also vote Democrat. LOL

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