Monday, July 21, 2008

Waist Training-- I'm Down to 25" and Up to 4 Hours Per Day!

I have started waist training. When I was in high school, I had an amazing figure of 36-20-38. The hips were a little large, but they were womanly. Now having conceived 12 and birthed 9 children (I lost three to thankfully early miscarriages and an ectopic) my waist has been around 28 inches. I wanted to make it smaller and when looking for a corset last year, went to Fredrick's of Hollywood. they had one that looked nice but said it wsn't for waist training. I wondered what waist training was and discovered Romantasy. Initially scoffing at the price but writing to tell the owner how pretty the work was, I was sending her a down payment within a couple of months!

My corset arrived a few months ago. Before it arrived, I bought a less costly one off E-Bay. I'd been warned about buying them off E-Bay because they allegedly just fell apart after a month or less of wearing, and mine did fall apart after two weeks. I was glad that I'd bought it. When the Romantasy corset came, it was stiff-- painfully so, but instead of whining and just casting the $350 model aside, I tried it on a few times and kept at it, wearing it at first for a few hours on the weekends, until now, donning it every day and wearing it for two hours at a time and now in it for four hours. I like what it does to my silhouette and the looks that I get when I wear it under my clothes and simply belt a dress and my already nice waist is pronounced. Modern corsets do not dangerously squish organs-- they are set up to push them upwards instead of mashing them under the corset.

When I am not wearing my corset I do a lot of excercises to get my waist down. It's happening however gradually and I would like to see 20" again.


Ropi said...

Well, I am quite against weight losing because it always reminds me to top models. If many models are standing next to each other they are like a bar code.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

LOL I'm not a bar code-- I'm too curvaceous for that! I am going to meet with some friends this week at a hip hangout in The City and I will use that quote, Emperor! That is way too funny!

Ropi said...

I retired from the title Emperor. It is a change because my birthday is here soon. I hope you will have success with the quote.