Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our first camping trip

We are about to go camping and husband is planning to take the fishing poles. Money is horribly tight but we wanted to get the kids out for at least one camping trip this summer. It started out with us going to Homer but it has shrunk because there is no way we can buy what we need and spend that cash on gas.

The great thing is, I LIVE IN ALASKA! Wasn't it Walden who said that he wanted to explore every square inch of land within five miles of his home? We are going to go a little farther than that, but we live within a half a mile of a great camp ground. For the psychological effect we want to drive a ways away for the mental separation from the house.

It's either off to Hatcher Pass just a few miles but into new terrain (mountains) and then there is always the camp grounds in Eagle River. It is not that exciting, but we have to start, period. We had talked about it last year and just never did it. We talked to the boys-- we cannot afford brand new school clothes until PFD time (early October) and my 9 year old Basil said, "One must have one's priorities!" He assured me that guys just need jeans and new t-shirts for the first few weeks anyway, then he started belting out some camp fire songs.

As of late I have been stressing (snapping at the kids, gritting my teeth) over little things. I hope I can keep my head up and not snap at the kids or get TMJ or worry about anything while we go. The kids will get dirty, they will get into things, Guy will flaunt his special needs and do some odd things. (Are they odd or is he just a boy? He's the eldest son and what seems off the wall, my so called "normal son" Basil is doing it the following year, Lord have mercy!) They will also play with insects and catch bugs and probably harass their older sisters, and the sisters will avenge them later in amusing ways. I hope that I will see the humour when it happens and not have to wait until I start to blog or upload the pictures and start writing to my friends and be like, "Oh-- that was funny!" I will approach this as if I am living a work of art.

Now I end with a question: Who are all these kids and why are they calling me Mom? :)


Ropi said...

Well, be careful snapping because as you said "you know, I live in the USA" or something like that. :P

GDad said...

Who are all these kids?

Don't answer that! It will blow your cover.

Why are they calling you Mom?

Because you haven't told them your new name.