Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ants and LionGuy


Children pointing and crying
"Look, the ants!"
But alas, I'm too old
To see them on the earth.
Kotomichi Okuma

I have a son who has mild special needs. He is in
forth grade this year.

They don't know what is wrong with him and the
usually eager to diagnose school is saying, "He's just wired a little oddly."

They'd thought he was autistic for a bit, then he got social, he has yet to speak clearly, but he
talks a lot with a lot of interesting things to say!

About two years ago I was pregnant with my final and ninth child. I had just gotten off bedrest and was ready to give birth any time. My children had missed the bus and I had them all in my SUV when I couldn't find Sir LionGuy! I looked all around the front yard and inside every
room in my house and finally called 911 having not found him.

As I was talking to 911, a movement in the back yard caught my eye. It was Lion Guy. I canceled 911 and ran out. He was hunkered down, checking out. . . an ant hill! I was exasperated, "LionGuy! You get in the suburban right now!" He looked up and smiled, "Come here, Mom!"

I walked over and my furry was abated. He pointed a
few things out, "These are getting food all the way from the strawberry
patch! The others over here look like they are bringing something out of the ant hill." He pointed out other things, another being that they are all looking alike yet there are so many, "And look, these are crawling up my-- eeek! My pant leg!" He stood up and laughed about that as he shook ants off his leg!

He is the one that while we hike, he stops to look at the scenery and observe where we've been or enjoy the view of where we are going.

He got to school and I told his teacher why we were late. She smiled and told the class about "LionGuy's Ant Hill" and they did a spontaneous study.

When he came home he told me all about them and how they all look alike because they are made from the eggs of the queen, the one mom of the ant hill. He thought it was neat that all his brothers and sisters look different in spite of being from the same mom!

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