Wednesday, August 15, 2007

College Can't Start Soon Enough

The kids are ready to kill one another. Their school needs to resume. If the break was 2 months long, it would be perfect. Three is just too many.

My son with special needs is flaunting his special needs, suddenly deciding to lick his leg or eat from a bowl without using his hands. He is almost 10 years old. His special needs aren't that special. The school psychologist just shakes his head when he hears of this and says that I need to learn to distinguish between normal kid behavior and special needs behavior.

My 12 year old is getting her panties in a bundle every time her brothers sneeze or do anything that she doesn't like. "Moooom! ____ put his hands into the tuna bowl in the sink!" (I have him do dishes for me which she complains that the never do it good enough so I have her do it.)

The almost 5 year old is marching in circles in the living room banging her drum with the almost 4 and almost 2 year old following her, yelling.

Every five minutes, my almost 9 and 8 year olds ask if they can please go outside. It's is raining buckets.

My 17 year old is on the couch with bronchitis.

I feel like the poster girl for Planned Parenthood.

I break out when I drink. I wish I could get a good buzz right now.

This will pass. I know it will.

Am I good or not at my art? My husband says, "Don't do it because you are good. Do it because you have to." This makes me think that I must suck. He says I have my own voice. He will not say. I do a lot of Chinese Brush Painting. He says, "If you were in China, you wouldn't expect praise." OK-- so I am an American, OK? Dammit, am I good? He's not complaining of what I spend on my supplies so I must be OK!

My yoga teacher training is something I have to pass on. It will take up too many hours when I need to be home. Bum deal.

This just means that I will focus on my class work. The universe will bend to my actual needs-- if I am to do it I will have a class come up in my hours available.

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