Thursday, August 09, 2007

Classes and People and Internships

One year from now I will be starting my year long social work internship. I am looking into places. One is with yoga and working in a heart clinic or something like that. If my yoga teacher says I can work with her and take classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings I will drop my Russian and drawing classes, not to mention the one I have on Saturdays that I just signed up for.

The other is working for the IP in my state. If I don't do the yoga and body work certs this year, I will probably not go down a medical track but something along the lines with criminal law. I just wrote to the president of the project who works near where I live and I can't wait to meet and I hope I will be able to do some volunteering even if it's just stuffing enveloped this year and then work with him next year. They help exonerate innocent people.

I am not looking forward to my classes this year. I am here to take classes, learn what I need to, and get on with living. My professors in a study that is objective make a lot of suppositions. I would not like those made on my life and I hope that as much as I get annoyed with them, that I will be able to not repeat what they do!

My husband drives me crazy. We go by a certain neighborhood and I plead with God to let me one day live debt free and own a home like them. I imagine my husband and I and most of the kids. Well, dh was driving and piped up, "I wonder what kinds of businesses do well out here?" For whatever reason, he is always saying what farms and ranches are going next because they are being zoned for sity land and the taxes are high and in all honesty, the conversation got old a long time ago. I have already made the assessments and concluded this and don't care to hear any more. I didn't respond so dh repeated himself. My husband isn't thinking of quitting his job to get a degree in medicien or dentistry to be able to afford a home like the ones I am dreaming about, he is just jabbering. He probably spoke to the guy he commutes with about it. Whatever. He interrupted my dream! And he says it all the time about businesses. He is not a businessman, I don't care!

Later Rod Stewart's song, Tonight's the Night came on. I put my seat back, smiled and went with the music. My husband played air drums. WTF? He ruined my favorite Rod song!

Such is life. Why did he seem so smart and wise before I married him? Half of his comments now are inane and nit-picky. He seemed so classy when we married. I'm under a lot of stress now and not a delight, but I am getting better as I improve!

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