Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Odd Meeting Today

Today I called up an allergist and sometimes I wonder if there is a candid camera on the phone. Years ago this place helped one of my daughters with severe asthma problems and I have since called them a few times and I keep forgetting why I don't go through with an appointment. It's the doctor. He's a nice man-- but in talking to him he starts talking faster than an auctioneer, the Ivy League school that he graduated from, Who he is related to, his friends, who he knows, etc. He used to be a pilot and I think that (besides being a name dropper) he is seriously ADHD. He is so far out there that I have problems believing him and it takes hours to shake off the conversation.

On the good side-- his office has helped my daughter in the past. On the bad side-- he is like a verbal tsunami. Within five minutes my brain just doesn't absorb what he is saying. I told him that I was considering medical school and wanted to ask him some questions (he is anti-establishment) and he just went off-- some of what he says is interesting and historical, but he was like a horse at a race track. AS he wound down, he concluded that I would be an excellent doctor. I said, "You can't tell that! I have not been able to get a word in edgewise!" He laughed and slowed down, "You listen. When I let you talk, you asked fast, intelligent questions. Doctors need to do that." I thought for a nanosecond that he was just "testing" me-- that he'd slow down after that. No-- he took a breath and was off again. I don't want to hear these things! I am having a rough time thinking about being with him while I get tested-- I need to relax and he is so freaking off the wall.

The breakouts on my feet are bad and were started from drinking beer but it seems from other things as well. I don't want to be limited to eating nothing but wheat grass. I need to see him. God help me get through this!

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