Thursday, August 02, 2007


I took my 12 yo daughter to the dentist the other day and the dentist called me back and told me in front of my daughter that she has chronic strep throat. Isn't that a doctor's realm?

Anyway, I got an appointment immediately with the doctor who said that all kids her age have swollen tonsils and that next time she come sin for something, hell take a look as the swelling should go down. He said that it's called puberty, the lymph nodes swell. She's had no sore throats (all though she did tell me, "If I think about it hard enough I can give myself a sore throat!" I told her that it goes both ways and that if she thinks hard enough she can make herself feel like she is floating!) The real medical person said that he'd send a note to the dentist and let him know that he'd seen her because I'd not want to be accused of not taking care of her.

Isn't it odd that the dentist would attempt to diagnose her when he sees her once every six months and hadn't seen this before? I'll be asking my lawyer friend about this guy-- I wonder if he's been sued before.

Anyway, after I left he told my daughter that she might need her tonsils out and sent her into orbit. I am really sick of that. I might need to get my kids to another dentist. That bothers me.

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