Monday, August 06, 2007

Artists in the Family

I love art-- I would major in it if I didn't need to make a living and pay off my student loans.

My second eldest daughter, Peaches, is an artist. All the years I didn't let her touch my art supplies, she did nice things at school after having watched me, then around the age of 15, I started letting her use my stuff because she could put it back and stay up late creating. Last year she did some interactive science projects (she is in honors science classes) and some work in Japanese. Her math teacher called me up to tell me that she was talking too much in class, then called me up a bit later to gush that she had been reiterating what she (the teacher had said) and was using her drawing to convey the message. That was so cool! At Parent Teacher Conferences, her science teacher said, "I'm not just complimenting her to make you feel good, Mrs. ____. I have other teachers coming in to look at her work!" I am so proud of her. Her Japanese teacher said that she has captured the essence of Oriental art and seems to use it not just in his class, but in her others and that he enjoys seeing through her eyes. He told me that he wants her to travel over there for a semester in college or even a year-- while Japanese youth are forgetting their culture, my daughter isn't aware that she understands it.

Her older sister, Tiger, is also pretty good with it and has an eye for color and the two of them both tell me when to stop.

Peaches designed a present for one of her friends. I procured a gold box for a present for one of her friends and some candy sticks. She made it look like ikebana. I do envelope art that peopel don't like to open up, but she buys or makes nice presents but how she wraps them, people don't like to destroy her artwork!

Oh-- my daughters names are not really Tiger and Peaches. They have nicknames that have amazingly translated well into other languages!

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