Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Life is Great

Tiger has signed up for her classes at the U and life is wonderful. She is frustrated as all get out with the college-- lots of redundancies and then there are things like class book lists that she thought she'd get online that they don't have-- you have to go to the campus book store to find out.

My lawyer called this morning. He is sweet. I lost a court case for my daughters years ago and he kept me on as is client because he knew I was a good mother. My ex has cheated my daughters out of some money which I've been upset about and he is helping me with the paper work. He knows that I don't have the money so he fits me in from time to time to talk about the case. The problem is, I often got down to his office and someone will have seen his car their and they drop in and paying clients get first with his time. He called this morning to tell me about a camping trip with his kids and I thought he was just being nice and I said I'd let him go when his phone got fuzzy. He pulled over and said, "Wait! Remember to have the court papers when you come in. Are you free next _____?" I was so shocked-- he doesn't normally do that. I have to call him and see what he is up to.

I thanked him profusely. Last night Peaches told me how much it meant to her that I never gave up in that battle. Several years later, she is coming to terms with what happened and what her dad did and she is like, "How did we do it? Tiger got the worst of it-- without her I'd have heard it all. I don't know if I'd have fought." Her dad wants her to go into retail like him. Both she and Tiger have learned a couple of languages and are in to math-- they don't like it, but they do it and are very capable at it. With their former father-- gosh, he barely passed algebra and his wife calls him the "math-a-ma-ti-cal genius of the family."

He and I took a speech class together in college and I was extremely pregnant. He was mad because I was a star in the class-- he got a better grade, but I was beautiful and happy. I told my husband and my husband minored in math. "Tea, can we take a math class together? I wonder if you will outshine me in math!" I am a former theatre person and my ex should have enjoyed my sunshine in the class. (I still need to take my math classes in college. My husband was razzing me, laughing, "Did you get the professor's joke? The exponent of E! hahaha!" The nerd procreated!)

I was happy to tell my lawyer how things are going for the kids and he said that he loves to hear that-- his profession is often bad and used to hurt people but he is happy that he was able to help us. I had two pregnancies in that court battle and had to deal with a lot of emotional stressors and the kids had it worse. I don't know how we did it. It was three years of hell. Now I need to go back and get some money from him that he owes the kids and me. The ex gets insurance payments and doesn't pay the doctors. He makes money off the kids getting sick. Tiger told him to take her off his insurance because she can and my husband has great insurance anyway that he covers her with.

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