Monday, August 04, 2008

A Trip to Anchorage

Before I start showing pictures and telling of my camping trip, I want to show off some pictures that I took while in Anchorage a few weeks ago that I just hadn't uploaded. To the left is a pulley from an old ship in a garden off fifth avenue. It was possibly used on a ship to pull up anchors or something else. I think it's about 6' long and 4' wide.

While down there, my husband and I went to a wine bar called "Crush." I loved the wine, but several hours after three small glasses broke out in hives later and itched uncontrollably until I drank a quarter of a bottle of Benadryl and brought them down. This is not good-- last time I drank a Margarita, my reaction was to wake up several hours later itching with minor hives. I love wine but I can't afford to drink enough to turn into an alcoholic, but I seemed to have poisoned my system. I do like these pictures, though and hope you like them, too! Crush is a nice little place-- we didn't know what to order so my husband had the Italian "flight" and I had the Argentine flight.

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Ropi said...

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