Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Banging my head against the wall. . .

This past break I didn't have time to study.

I won't be getting my loans for this semester. I signed up for some classes and had to pare them back to the minimal so I can afford them. I still have to get a job.

I thought I'd have extra money left over to get ahead on a few bills. I just want to cry. I should have studied for that test. Lack of time-- the excuse-- doesn't matter. There are some cool jobs on campus. I have to be grateful. I knew I needed to cut back. I didn't want to and was setting myself up for a struggle even with 18 credits of classes I was looking forward to doing. By the end of the semester I would have been hating writing, sick of art and even my muse would be worn out. (My muse can nudge me-- but if I bug her too much she refuses to budge. My muse has tantrums if you can imagine that!)

There are some fun jobs on campus. Perhaps I will get one!

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