Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drawing Class

I love my drawing class. I went in today and one of my friends from Russian was there. She took to wearing a pirate hat and now always wears it. I sat next to her and the art teacher said that we will have nude models and asked if we objected. I said, "I won't object as long as the first nude wears Clara's hat!" We decided that we will ask. The hat is cool!

We had to do an assessment drawing. I have a thing for drawing in charcoal. I love how it feels. I like drawing and feeling it crumble and I press on it, I like hearing the soft sound and I smear and smudge it and put it on the paper. We had to draw a giant grey statue of a frog. Everyone did well. What never ceases to amaze me in these classes is how we can all draw essentially the same object (different views) and they all look so different. I hate how my fellow classmates draw then pick their own work apart, "I could do this better!" "I should have done this differently!" Today we had two hours to do this one monochromatic object. Had she not given us two hours, we'd still be working on it. I happen to like what I do. I don't mind saying what I did wrong, but I have fun drawing. One of my classmates said that my frog has personality. Her frog seemed to be smiling and I told her so. She didn't like it-- she wanted to do this differently and that differently and oh, if she had only brought her smudge sticks!

I think it's funny how I impose myself in my work. I have long legs and the base that my frog was on was elongated. I tend to do that. Artists tend to do that. I like to go to art shows and see how the artists put themselves into their work.

Yesterday my grammar prof recognized me from years ago as did a few other people from the early 1990's who worked in administration. I was stopped and asked, "From where do I know you?" Since they see people all the time, I was flattered that they recognized me. One of the coaches recognized my walk. It's good to be back in school and back there.

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Emperor Ropi said...

I have sombrero. Did you know I am the World Champion at drawing stickmen? :P