Saturday, January 19, 2008

Watch the video that I just posted

That is a the song that made me love music. I first heard it at 2AM on the radio when I was 12 and woke up and unable to sleep, turned the radio on. It's haunted me. I did not hear it again for over 30 years then one night I wrote a few lines, "I forgave you, couldn't save you drove you from my mind, midnight blue lyrics" and found it in about thirty seconds.

Louise Tucker on

I never did choir in high school-- the teacher didn't want me because I stuttered, but the debate coach did and it's just as well.

I have this CD and I blast it in my car. Louise Tucker also sings a song that I will one day sing for people called, "Only For You." I love it. It makes me happy when I sing it.
Louise Tucker on

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Emperor Ropi said...

Sometimes I also stutter mainly when I am nervous.