Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tight Lacing

I am about to start corseting. This isn't a fetish for me-- I have a 28" waist and it is just too much. I decided to start corseting when I was looking for a $50 one (not knowing what they will cost-- haha) and a pretty, cheap confection at Fredericks of Hollywood had in it's description, "Not for tight lacing." Hmmm. I decided to look "tight lacing" up. Getting through the stories that are hopefully fiction-- eek-- I found a legitimate site called Romantasy. Ann, the lady who runs it, got into it because as I recall her telling me, she needed a medical corset and they were not very pretty and she went from there and has been in business for 18 years as of 3 January. (Happy Birthday, Ann! May God grant you many more years of success!)

As fate would have it, the corset that I am having her make me is white duck on one side and black duck on the other-- probably not unlike her first ones! It's a Bella made by Sharon of Altered Thyme. I will be getting it very soon.

Fortunately for me, Ann knows more than I do and has guided me from going over-the-top, " I want a mini skirt in denim!" to helping me realize that wanting to jump head first into this could ruin my chances of success with it. The Bella goes under my bust to right above my pelvic bone, shaping my abdomen or "tummy." I'll start out a few hours a day and work up. I won't wear it to school because I will be dancing and won't have time to remove it. It's expensive and I also don't want to lose it. This is how you get started! These are some of Ann's off the peg corsets. Very tempting for up the road!

My husband is cool about me waist training. The first thing he asked when I told him of it was, "What are your limits?" We looked at some women who have done this who are almost into self mutilation about it. I want to have a noticeable and slender waist, but I don't want to be freaky. 22", if I get back to that, is the limit. I am at 28" right now-- the result of 81+ months of pregnancies, 12 conceptions and nine births. (Three miscarriages.) I read of some women who tell their husbands when they lace them up in the morning that they won't unlace until their husbands unlace them at night. My husband said, "If I lace you up, how easily can you undo it if you can't breathe?" He remembers too well my pregnancies where I wasn't getting enough oxygen and doesn't find that romantic at all and he wants me to have air. Air!

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