Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Drunk on Fashion

I found out that the grand opening that I have been invited to is formal. With problems of weight gain that either have to do with my "female organs" or just not exercising, I do not fit into my clothes that are form fitting. Thus, I have nothing to wear. I also do not know if formal means black tie or pretty dresses and suits. It's easy to over dress where I live. In fact, an invitation can say "black tie" and your host and his closest pals may be in jeans and a jacket and a black tie. I went to a black tie affair glitzed out in a red flapper-style dress and rhinestones only to get teased by other adults over it who knew the hosts better and knew they'd not be in anything fancy. I looked better than anyone else and enjoyed myself anyway. (This isn't Palm Springs by any stretch of the imagination!)

I just found a site that sells ao dais-- these are the national dress for women in Vietnam. I am a red headed person of Irish extraction. I have ten Japanese jackets of different fabrics and styles and I love Asian fashion. In fact, I do a lot of Japanese and Chinese brush work. But these outfits-- they are conservative yet flowing. I can never do one justice like the stunning Vietnamese models do, but I will probably buy one of these for this event and buy a few more. These say, "I do not care that the event is formal, I am an artist and you can't tell if I dress like this or if I am dressing up." Where I live, you can go to a Broadway play and be standing next to people with snow gear on because they flew in from the bush to see the play.

Check a few of these out-- as soon as I get paid I will try to rush one of these up. I am so happy that I found this store!

This is the one I fell in love with on E-bay but it's a size four-- I am twice the size and a size eight! (Not bad by any means-- I am smaller than average but a size four is TINY.) This is by Cynthis Bui, a designer whose page is not up!


These are not even my favorites-- I just like them all! Clothes like this move with a woman. They make us look ethereal.

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