Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's all coming together

Today I was in drawing and having the same discussions we had when I was taking acting classes years ago. Every action has a reaction. Every thing has weight. As we drew with charcoal this was explained over and over. The class, four hours long, felt longer than usual. Usually in a drawing class you start to draw and the teacher has to pull you out of your zone to teach something. Today we were learning to depict weight or lack of weight.

I realized something: everyone in that class is insecure. It's not just me. She wasn't praising anyone today as we just weren't getting it. I get annoyed when she tries to identify with us and says things like, "It's hard, isn't it!" For me, difficulty isn't the issue. There are things that you simply have to do a hundred or more times to learn them. Like walking if you don't walk, or riding a bike. Once you get it you wonder why you ever had a problem. When I ice skated there was a jump called a loop jump. I could not get the hang of jumping off the outside edge of my left foot and landing on it. After six months (it took me that long) I landed it and two weeks later I was doing doubles. So it will be with drawing and indicating weight! In a few weeks after getting this, which we all did by the last exercise, we will be going along like any other more advanced drawing course.

Today I feel very fortunate because I was able to get away from focusing on myself and my insecurities and seeing that it's not me per se. We all struggle, we fall down and we get back up.


Emperor Ropi said...

Well, luck is a good thing but I think it is better if you achieve something by force.

Steve said...


steve said...

This is Steve Wylder. I've been really busy, stuck with a double shift on Sunday--the evening shift agent said he had to take his 90-some-year-old father to the hospital. But it always seems like he finds a way to mark of on Sunday--his regular days off or Monday and Tuesday, so he gets a 3-day weekend. Anyway, I just got around to reading your recent posts. You're one of those people who can be brutally honest about themselves. Susan, of "a line cast, a hope followed," was another, but she's stopped blogging. I really appreciate your honesty and candor, though sometimes I think you're harder on yourself than you deserve to be.

And I applaud your use of music from Sesame Street. Though I think my choice would be "I'd Like to visit the Moon," as done by Kermit the Frog.