Thursday, August 07, 2008

All is Nice

Today was one of my rougher days of parenting. The boys are in 5th, 4th and 3rd grade and aggressive. Cloud is 12 and a raging case of hormones and then the babies, ages almost-6,5, &3 have been into everything.

The whole evening came to a peaceful close with me reading to the babies and my husband playing Monopoly with the Cloud and her brothers. I am enjoying the sound of their laughter filling the house-- I can hear them in my back room because the back door is open as is my window.


On my massage teacher, my brother told me to just answer the state's questions and his lawyer's questions if I get called to testify. I don't want to bury him-- he yanked at my face and I told him to stop or I'd call the cops and he did it again-- twice. He has worse boundaries than my almost 3 year old when she hears the N*-word! I hope they just warn him that we don't do that sh-- up here and that students don't lose their autonomy just because he thinks he knows something.

He will use any publicity he gets from a court case with me to his advantage. He is charismatic and friendly. He will have the biggest turn out for his class ever and he will, to twist the knife in me, thank me for suggesting that he come up here in the first place. Mark my word.


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