Friday, August 15, 2008

High ho! High ho! It's off to Home Depot I go!

I bought a vacuum at Sears. Do you think they sell VACUUM BELTS there to go with the vacuums they sell? On some they do not. Sears. . . where America shops. I will not shop there any more. I have purchased clothing there for my kids, I furnished my home with them and they can't run in and purchase a $5 vacuum belt? (It's $18 shipping for 5 business days or. . . ta da! $39.95 in two business days!) This is so infuriatingly stupid. When I purchased the damned vacuum (a Kenmore Stylite Retraxx,) they didn't tell me that I had to go online and order from their parts department at exorbitant prices. Then they take advantage of Alaskans-- they make it sound like you can only get here by dogsled and boat, "We don't ship to Alaska." Why not? They just don't. I was crying and cursing in frustration. Any store that makes me that upset isn't worth it for me to shop at-- or for anyone else. Don't shop sears, where the rest of America shops. It's not worth it. JC Penney's prides itself on customer service as do many other stores, so what happened with Sears?

I am in desperate need of a new dryer and washing machine, not to mention an oven, and I always went to Sears for them because. . . my mother did! I could have had better service at Wal~Mart for a vacuum. I will go to Home Depot for these things now-- Sears is kinda smarmy when it comes to this. I can't believe that they would let a customer be high n' dry.

Edited later: One of my friends was getting ready to buy her daughter a vacuum and thinking about Sears. I talked her out of it. I cost them money already. I really do not like that store. Where is customer service with them? I can't even get the vacuum fixed and donate it to Salvation Army because someone will buy it and wind up where I was at, paying $40 in shipping for a $5 part.


Palm Springs Savant said...

hate it when that happens. I'm sure its not easy for them to decide which items to stock in the stores, but if they don't carry it they should offer to special order it for you!

steve said...

I try to shop at Sears, Target, or Kmart. Sometimes Sears isn't the best for customer service, but the local (Elkhart, IN) Sears is pretty good. I won't go to Wal-Mart, though I may be forced to, as my son is going to a school (Hanover) where there isn't a Kmart or Target anywhere near.

Walmart is now making an all-out effort to defeat Obama because it's afraid Barack might make it harder for Walmart to keep out unions. For Walmart, "business ethics" is an oxymoron.