Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chad Carpenter, Alaska's Cartoon Laureate

Chad Carpenter was presented with the title of Alaska's Cartoon Laureate on Friday 29 August. His shining moment was marred by the VP nominee chick, Ms. What's-her-name. ;)

I am proud to say that I, Tea N. Crumpet, was the little bird who put the idea into Wes Keller's head back in November. . . this could be one of the finest pieces of legislation he will pass.

Checkout his website. I couldn't go to the fair because it cost too much to get in and I couldn't stay.


Ropi said...

Well, congratulations. I have never had ideas about cartoons.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I am unsung, the silent mover and shaker! LOL I was happy that he got the honor. We have quite a few really good comic strips and comic artists get little attention and acknowledgment even though the strips tell a story in just a few frames and pack a punch or bring up all kinds of issues.

Ropi said...

Well, my only constructive idea was when I "sacrificed" myself on history class. Something happened and only like 6 people was in my group out of 17. I think it was a public transportation strike. Next time there would be oral examination as usual but most of my groupmates didn't know the lesson and asked me to be the oral examined volunteerly.