Sunday, August 31, 2008

"I want to play the saxaphone like Bill Clinton and date interns."

One of my sons wants to get into band. So far, he loves the Klezmer music which I have played for him. One of my neighbors is like me (love politics and has fun) but very liberal. We both enjoy politics and we have friendly, civil discussions. Last time we saw each other at the polls, he pretended to be shocked, "What are you doing here?!!" (I said I was there to cancel his vote!) I'm going ultra conservative this election just so we can have dueling signs in our yards.

Anyway-- my son told him that he wanted to play the sax. He came home and asked to see Bill Clinton play the sax so I got him on youtube, and he went to tell the neighbor that he liked it. He came home and said, "I want to play the saxophone like Bill Clinton and date interns." It was just silly of him-- the neighbor had told him to say that. It sounds twisted that I thought it was funny.

If I can't afford a sax, he is willing to play clarinet.

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Ropi said...

Well, I think if a politician plays on an instrument he looks rather human and if he plays well it is enjoyable so that's good. However if I become politician one day, I won't use my musical skills to amuse people.