Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Food, Sports & Partial Crises

Tonight Tiger came home and I made "Roll Bowls" (big roles that I make and cut open and fill with soup) and cheddar beer soup with broccoli, bacon wrapped chicken livers and a salad. I'd not made this in years for her and she was very happy. The kids have demanded this three times in the last week and they are learning to make bread now. Today Basil noted this and asked why I have measuring cups. I was confused and said that you measure stuff with them and he said, "You never use them! I do not remember the last time you used a measuring cup. Starshine has had your measuring spoons with her tea sets for over a year." He's right-- I play it like I need to. The only time I get concerned is when I have to make something spicy. I don't have a good nose and can't taste that well so I either pack a punch and do overkill or I don't do enough.

My kids are crazy about the Olympics. Basil thrust his bald 9 year old leg at me yesterday and asked if he should start shaving. I asked if he was going to do ballet. He said no, he wants Michael Phelps to be the second best Olympian! (I'm getting him swimming this semester.) He'd heard that shaving your hair makes you faster. I told him that Michael Phelps is double jointed and that his feet are like fins. He Googled leg exercises and is trying to condition himself. I cannot think of a better role model than Michael Phelps-- Basil is cute wanting to be like him. I told him that Michael Phelps also loves math, science and keeping his room clean. Basil said that two out of three isn't bad and ran outside to play.

My husband is about to take off for a couple of weeks right as school resumes. We are so broke with everything happening. Years ago he bought me a gift certificate at a spa that I didn't use because I felt guilty. Now I cry thinking about it. We have much to do before school starts and I wish more than anything that I could have my feet and lower legs worked on, as well as my neck and hands. If I can just have the house clean and seem relaxed when my mom gets here as well as be on top of school, I will be thrilled with myself.


gay CME guy said...

My Mom and Aunt are great cooks. I remember when I used to call and asked one of them how to make a certain recipe of theirs.
"How much of this do you put in? How much of that?" I would get so frustrated when the reply was usually, "I don't know, I just 'make it'. I don't pay attention to how much. I just put in until it looks and/or feels right."
Good cooking is like Jazz. You improvise.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

"Good cooking is like Jazz. You improvise." THAT is a great quote! I'm putting that on my next apron!