Sunday, August 31, 2008

Too Much Hype

Our governor was nominated to VP on Friday and I am sick of it already. I'm not sick of her-- I like her. I am sick of so many people having something negative to say.

There is a former senate president and speaker of the house who I have always admired whose name I won't say here. She has always been nice to me. She likes things to go her way and she doesn't like the Guv. For the longest time I thought that she and the guv had a public fight for the sake of the press; it would not bode well if they got along as they both held powerful jobs and lived just a couple of miles from each other. The press is always creating hype over who is getting what and they are like my kids when they have been stuck inside for too long because of the rain. If our already rapidly growing area gets "more," the press blames the politicians for swinging deals, pretending that more infrastructure is not needed to support our area! I'd always wanted to get them both in a kareoke bar to sing, I've Got Friends in Low Places.

The former speaker of the house has been quoted as saying that the guv wasn't ready to be the governor, let alone vice president. This is petty. I talked to my brother as I'd written an editorial about the scandal in our legislature that has been going on for the past two years and I had him look it over. He's in news and he said, "That bullsh-- is over. Those people are long forgotten and you mentioning them is like you bringing up your trivia on Flemmish art. They are the Old Guard and they are done, even [the youngish guy.] They will never make an impact in our state again, they are Chess pieces that are kicked off the board." A long career serving her people and she's past history. She makes the paper for slamming our governor and she is suddenly an expert on her. They are with the same party and have similar values!

The people who tear the governor down make me think of Proverbs 14:1: Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. They don't just offer criticism, they jeer her as if they delight in finding/inventing her shortcomings. The last place the gov should be getting this is from her home state.

Bloggers are slamming her with sarcasm. Are they jealous of her? This is not constructive criticism. My brother said that a lot of people put a lot of money into the campaigns and they are furious when people don't see things their way. (I will never donate so much that it takes away from my fun; as it is, I donate $5 & $10 here and there.) Why can't it just be fun to go out and cheer everyone on even if you don't agree with them? The winners that you don't support will also represent you.

There is one person who I honest-to-God cannot stand and it's personal-- it goes back 20 years. I still see him and wave. He did ask me to donate and I told him my maiden name and said, "You f---ed my parents over. [He knew what I was talking about.] I don't like you and I will only give you money if you loose." I asked him if he wins if he will still represent me and he said that he will and that he'll listen to my concerns. He wanted to shake hands and I'd not, so he gave me a side hug, instead and told me that he liked me anyway and that I didn't know the whole story. I gave him a cheesy smile and said he could count on me if he lost. We both laughed and he reiterated that I could count on him if he won. I almost hope he wins to see if he will be nice to me.

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Anonymous said...

Great post!!! I just discovered your blog by a comment you made on someone else's blog. I'm an ex-Alaskan, also age 39, and I have a big family too (just 6 though -- you rock for having 9!!!).

I was really active in the Dems when I lived in Alaska and they remain very dear to me, but I'm super jazzed about Sarah Palin being on he ticket though because I support ALL women running for office no matter the letter by their name. She kicks butt and she makes me proud to be a woman.

Oh so my husband went to high school with her too. He says its freaky to see a girl from Wasilla High running for VP!

I love complicated politics and I miss Alaska and the people so much. we moved down here to the San Juan's over 10 years ago. I'm not sure it'd be safe for us to come back yet, being our last name is Kohring all though. LOL!

I'm subscribing to your blog. You are awesome.