Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Do I Dare Snicker?

My massage teacher sent me a note that he's been summoned to court.

I cannot help but be amused. It the tucker hadn't decided to grab my nose a second time, denied that he'd hurt me and put me down when I said that no one but my husband touched my face, this wouldn't have happened, now, would it have?

I think it is out of my hands. In my state, when you report something like this, the police and DA take over. I haven't been contacted by the DA and I was just happy that I'd created a paper trail so he'd think twice before he did it again. He said that he grabbed people's noses all the time-- I seriously doubt it. I read my posts from that time, and I kept saying that he was a nice guy. He's an arrogant prick! I can't find him in the court system so I wonder if he is just being a jerk trying to make me feel badly for him. I never did. I started laughing when I read it. My husband cashed in a week's vacation to pay part of the tuition and I won't even be finishing my 500 hours with him. I probably won't finish massage school. The people who do it are mostly flakes. Massage feels good. There are some great people out there who are consummate professionals, and this guy probably was at one time. He is flying fast and loose and his ego has gotten in the way of his gift. He's slick!

Massage feels great. It cannot perform miracles.

Supposing that he has been actually summoned, the judge will see that he didn't break my nose but that he did invade my space after I told him not to and slap his wrists and give him a fine that him being an MD will laugh at. I wanted to not go back and I didn't know if it would get worse so I filed a report. The man broke his word when he did it again and has a problem hearing no.

We hugged and made up but I was never back to being a member of the class and I was trying to figure out that maybe I did have a problem. I appologized but I can't figure out for what. For not liking my face being touched, telling him to not do it again and warning him that I'd report him then following through when he did? He made a huge deal that I had nine children-- he has to know that no parent of a family this big makes idle threats! For two weeks that whole thing seemed surreal. It was so unprofessional-- how does one react to that? What he did was classic abuse, belittling me afterward, telling me that no one on the class took me seriously and that i was just over reacting, holding on to emotional pain. If I get my Girl Scouts harassing each other, I call parents, I don't tell the victim of an incident that she is holding on to emotional pain.

He reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart, a famous televangelist when he'd take people up on stage and command that they "Heal!" but it was staged. Was that Jimmy Swaggart? I think it was. This emotional release BS is such a joke. "Come to my school and I will teach you how to get a court date!" He'd said that if I publicized it that it would only show people how good he is. Maybe it will. I don't doubt that there will be followers.

This is so silly. If he has been summoned, all he had to do was not grab my face. I warned him. He's rich and he'll get out of it. Jerk. I am paying him off and that is all that I am obligated to do for him.

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