Friday, August 08, 2008

Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony

I was going to not watch the Chinese Olympics at all because of their human rigths violations. Darrin said that I'd be cheating myself out of something amazing.He'd seen the dancers and said that I'd want to paint them. I have been mesmerized for the last hour.

For being repressed, the country somehow did not miss out on creativity. I started to cry watching the dancers paint with their bodies. I am a terrible painter and gave it up-- but I saw in myself why the dance and painting went together. The painted ladies, the astronauts-- oh, and the children who are so precious! I haven't forgotten T------ Square-- how could a place of so many human rights violations create something so amazing? Their creativity has not been crushed!

The contrasts in this will get to me later. The dancers are strong, dancing around a moon, holding their bodies a certain way, the painted ladies were delicate yet throwing silk as if it didn't even make them breathe faster. The children smiling faces at the end had me in tears again.
Zhang Yimou is amazing. . .

Watching the athletes come in again had me getting tears in my eyes-- they all look so amazing, each country's brightest and best coming out. The lady athletes from Mali are Calamity Jane's favorites. She wants a dress like the ones they are wearing. Her hair is a wild mass of curls, the curliest of all the kids, and she ran to my room for a head covering and declared that she looks just like them. :) OK, so she looks a little Irish-German, but yeah, she could pass for a Mali athlete-- I see the resemblance!

My kids were yelling for the teams-- the younger 7 were watching and were yelling for the teams but decided to cheer only for the little teams. That was cute. They noticed that the Chinese children who represented each of the main provinces looked just like Edna Hibels' paintings. I have a huge coffee table book that is in my room that they sometimes look at and recognized them. That made me VERY happy that they recognized her. She has done a lot of work with Chinese children as her subjects!

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