Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cleansing my Soul

I have not done a deep cleaning of my house in at least six years and let me tell you, I am only in my bedroom, but whooo-weeee. This is hard work. I have to have my husband gone while I do this which he is and I am in what would be a manic mode were I manic. I am dead tired and not very done at all. I should have taken before and after pics, but it would be hard to explain.

I didn't have stuff packed away. I've had stuff compacted away. A couple of days ago I bought an extra couple of plastic drawers on wheels and plastic cabinets. They are not part of my dream house, but they are giving me space to put things. Darrin is sweet and said that we are just in a transition to something better. My kids have carved their names into some of my other furniture or just broken it. This are all plastic, they wash.

I am silly. I have had a fear that when I got done organizing my house that I would die. I think it's figurative because parts of me die as i clean, like when I get rid of a dress or something frilly that I hope to never be able to fit in to again because it's just too small, or when I see things that just aren't me now like they were when I was 25. I'm moving things around, throwing stuff out. Much of it is in great shape, but if I set it aside, someone will say it is "good stuff" and not want me to toss it!

Darrin couldn't do this because to him all of my art supplies are the same. I can't toss them out! One never knows when I will go back to that artistic genre! It literally takes me all night. Had Darrin told me to do this, I'd have told him to f-off. No, it's not nice to tell someone that, especially one's husband who is so sweet, but it's a huge commitment to doing and you simply have to be ready.

If my house were personified, it would be an overweight person (this has nothing to do with over weight people!) with nice clothes that didn't match and gobs of bling. Clean, but not pretty!

I feel like I am getting rid of emotional baggage as I clean, too. I think cleaning liek this is good for me, but I've not had space or the energy until now.

Stuff is coming out and getting put back places, then something else moves and I put it some place else. It's exhausting.


Ropi said...

I rarely keep stuff however I guess it will change when I move to my own house one day.

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

It does feel good to have a total clean up, although I`m not looking forward to all the work. We have to empty out the bedroom, tear up the carpet and put flooring down. What a job! But it sure will be tidier when done :)


elizabeth said...

When you clean like your cleaning you make room for new things in your life. Good for you ;)