Friday, October 17, 2008

Pictures, and a Forum

I never thought that I would be as busy as I am. Last week I was in tears thinking that I would be fired as editor. My husband had gotten back from a trip, I still had volunteering at the school to do-- and this is a picture that I took of Sarah Palin Cookies at a local bakery. I thought that I might drop by my pal Senator Lyda Green's office with a dozen and let her toss some cookies, but at $4 a piece I thought against it.

I also took some pictures of the snow. You may also see some pictures of the first snow on some raspberry bushes.

I went to the MSC Candidate Forum at my college. We had an interesting discussion. I like all but one of the candidates who showed up and that candidate performed so poorly that I couldn't have written a decent thing about their comments if I had wanted to. I went around the room to people who I knew would support said person and I said, "Hey! I was running late! Did ____ ______ say anything quote-worthy?" They couldn't come up with anything. Said person dodged questions and pulled an anti-rhetoric tap dance worthy of our governor. I wanted to put that in the paper but the person who edits my work (I am the editor) is not a fan of the governor but he took it out and hissed at me when I protested!

The incumbents were all right. They need to tackle each election like they have never tried to be elected, as they were so damned boring! Their voices didn't fluctuate! The lowest point was at the end where each person had 3 minutes to speak and each Republican told us a bit more about themselves and pointed to their fellow Republicans of different districts and told us how much they love working with them. One did not say it-- but he was the one who probably should have said it because he seemed to be the leader of them. The others would get the mike and say, "I just want to say that it is a PLEASURE working with M---, B----, C--- and J----- and I hope you send me back to Juneau with them." Alaska has been accused of having an old boys network and this re-enforced the notion that we have one. Until an ethics bill was passed making secret caucus meetings illegal, our legislature would meet in private caucuses and vote bills out because the were A. Bad, B. written by a person of the Other Party, or C. Written by someone that a legislature on that committee didn't like. They can still vote bills out of committees, but they have to be public about it. This, "Send me back to Juneau with these people" made me think of that time which was less than 2 years ago.

The high point was when the most dynamic of the speakers, a Democratic challenger who got a lot of laughs and moments of applause when she said intelligent but cute things, was the last speaker and said, "I'm not a part of a fraternity but I really want to represent you, and I have friends of all shapes and sizes and flavors and I can get along with them as well as _____ can!" I'd like to see her win if only to hear her speak from the heart like she does. She had three "moments."

I am friendly with 2 challengers for the same seat, a "Mr. Cat" and a "Mr. Cheese." Mr. Cat is slick. The guy has the personality of champagne. Mr. Cheese is the intellectual. Mr. Cat has beat challengers who are smarter than he is, but he is a better politician. I think that Mr. Cheese will hone his skill quickly, but right now they seem like the Star Basketball Player and a Band Nerd going against each other. The Band Nerd is a local businessman and writer-- very, very smart. He is the underdog. If he wins, will he get warped and lose his soul in our state capitol? The Basketball Player is however VERY smart, with a degree in physics and engineering-- but the Band Nerd is someone who is thinking all the time. He is a writer and a poet and someone who loves to learn. I think that he will be very effective if he wins in part because he is already enmeshed in the community with local clubs.

Erick Cordero, a regular blog reader was there and he did very well. He is from Mexico City and has a very slight accent. It's just enough to pique your ears so that you listen more intently. I liked what he had to say because as a person who runs an office where he seeks lawyers to do pro bono work, he has a real heart for the public and the people he serves. He isn't a social issues man, however-- he shines the brightest when talking about oil and gas and natural resources.

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Well, I was quite busy too. I was at school today. I had History discussions too and on Friday I spent 10 hours at school. That was a pleasure. :P