Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Was I Put in a Meat Tenderizer?

I am so sore! Whiiiine! I have a fever, and a headache. My joints hurt. Why don't my children slow down when I need to? I still have places to take them.

LATER: I am still sick, but I am committed to this bedroom. I have moved everything in it except for my husband's closet. I threw a lot of stuff in there. I cannot believe how much I have stashed in this room. Maternity clothes galore that I put places just to get out of the way went to Bishop's attic today. I have art supplies that I have accumulated since I was 9, things that I cannot part with because I am a creative person who goes back to my projects every few months. My room is tight. Now it is looking nice, but I have no wasted space. On Saturday I have a training to go to and I am worried that I will be a puffy faced mess for that.

I hate that my husband is coming home and my joy is more that I can get out and that I can have a second adult helping with homework and transportation.

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