Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Governor Embarrasses Me

When I was in high school, I stuttered but wanted to be on the debate team. I was not very good initially because I had a speech impairment and it exacerbated and got worse and I forgot things. Keep in mind that I was 15. By the end of the semester, I'd improved and learned to answer questions and keep a cool head. I was never very good because I liked the audience working with me and laughing. Sometimes I would pull Sarah routines as a joke, but they were not yet Sarah routines. I'd pretend to stall, not understand questions, etc. and have a little fun a time or two, but I'd not do it the entire time and I could still win on certain points, although I took it as a matter of personal pride when I lost a debate and still walked out with best speaker! Our governor isn't joking and she seems consistently dumbed-down. She doesn't know how to debate or answer questions.

Paul Begala has ten rules for winning a debate right here. I especially like what he says about wit. What he didn't say is that the reason humor goes far is that it makes people feel good. People will repeat a funny story or anecdote even if it is against their own person because it is something that makes them smile. He also speaks of creating moments-- the media will play and replay them. Sarah is not creating moments of intelligent ideas.

Sarah does not want to be pinned down by answers. Watching her interview with Katie Couric is downright painful.

She is failing on questions you know she has to have been prepared to answer. Katie has got be one of the easiest people to talk to. Watch her answer about the economy! She is going "round in circles 'til she's very, very dizzy" and she's got me grabbing my desk to stabilize myself! Why is she giving Tina Fey so much ammo? What is up with how she speaks? Her voice is getting grating. Has she always spoken like this? It seems like it's gotten worse.

Is this a plot by the Republicans-- of which party I was very much involved with for all of my adult life up to this point-- to keep the focus on them and not on the Democrats? Even though Sarah is terrible, imitation is still the best form of flattery. Indifference would kill the ticket.


Ropi said...

She seems to be get confused very quickly. It is not bad that she is not quick at responding but then the reply should be more or less fluent compared to the person.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I've read that her attention span is short. A victim of the Sesame Street generation?