Monday, October 06, 2008

The Economy and My Silly Female Governor

I do not know enough to write an intelligent piece on the economy but let me tell you all something: no matter who wins this election, it's going to get worse. My husband says that we can't have a democratic House and Executive Branch. I disagree because well, if I get four more years of listening to Sarah Palin "git tuff" I will get very, very angry and stop reading the news. Today she is quoted as saying, "...the heels are on, the gloves are off." She just sent women back 50 years to being dolls and honeys with that remark. That is something you would expect from Legally Blonde. I liked Legally Blonde, but it was a funny movie about a rich, clueless girl deciding to be a lawyer, not a rich, clueless housewife wanting to be a VP for real.

Can Barack Obama get us through what looks like a terrible time economically in the next few years? Yes, and I can stand listening to him speak! I think he speaks with conviction. I was so happy when Sarah Palin was chosen, but at this point she doesn't look good under the bright lights of the political arena.

I just like this song.


Ropi said...

Well, I sadly inform you that Hungarians earn less and pay more tax and here oil is more expensive as well. We do not rebel against oil prices however there are public meetings against the government and sometimes they become quite tough (as the police has to stop people so we are not too far from a revolution). 2 years ago a tape was published and on the record the PM said he screwed many things and in my city there were huge riots for days. People looted and destroyed a TV channels headquaters and attacked the Parliament. It was on the day when I came back from Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah Palin really pisses you off. You get angry at what she says and you can't take it? Your blog indicates anger and negativity. With all do respect, and I mean this from the heart, and I hope I don't make you angrier but, lighten up a little. It is just words. And I disagree with you, it won't get worse. We are in a cycle of good economy and bad. Thats how its always been. Lay off the doom and gloom girl...No matter who wins the economy will come up again, it always does. In other words, Chillax...And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Anon-- No, she doesn't piss me off. Her actions piss me off.

Only time will tell on the economy. No matter who wins, it will get better. I am not one of the people loosing my home-- how bad is it for people loosing their houses? I am related to a newscaster in Chicago who is seeing the bad side of the economy.