Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sweet Things: Still Cleaning

I will never buy anything again. so much junk in my room that started out as treasures! I have found gifts and look back and wonder how many gifts that I have bought for people have become yard sale relics. From now on, I am only buying presents for people that they will use and that are personal. A blogger friend gave me embroidered hankies last year for being a winner on his site. (Any one who reads his blog is a winner! {big cheesy smile} ) I have taken the hankies to ceremonies and gave one to a grandmother who didn't have one. She sent me two brand new ones and said she was keeping the one I was given as a memento of her grand daughter's wedding. THAT is a wonderful gift, although my giver may not have known that they would be so special to me.

I embroider as well. I have some nice pillowcases and just embroidered some daisies and a monogram on a pair for some friends who are getting married. Even if the cases don't match all of their sheets, my feeling is that they will be used and appreciated. I put the same daisies on an apron for "her" for the bridal shower. I will only give gifts that can be used from now on. (Although for the last 20 years I have given vases as a wedding present. I need to keep that up.)

While cleaning, I donated a year's worth of Victoria Magazine and three years of Discover Magazine in mint condition to an extended stay home. Each magazine cost us around $5! I love donating what I have loved, but so much of what I gave away or threw out was stuff that we paid money for. They represent chunks of my husband's life and of mine! I also sent over some books. That hurt. Books become a part of my body. The clerk asked me what kinds of books I was donating and I told her to "look in the bag!" I didn't want to cry. . .

Peaches went for a job interview at Wal~Mart today. She said that the interviewer had a giggle fit when she asked her what she wants to do and she said that she wants to go into marketing. Peaches was funny because at that moment she decided that she didn't like the woman and didn't want her approval. She had terrible posture, read the interview questions off a sheet, and Peaches said that if she were interviewing her, that she'd never make the cut for her company. Is there something funny about marketing? She said that she learned that people without much status in a low paying field get high on themselves. She has a couple of other jobs that she is considering and can be choosy.

I took Guy out to eat today. We went to look at shelving for my room and he gets into trouble with Cloud, who is only 16 months older than he is. I took him to India Palace when we were done and we ordered naan with raisins and cardamon and ice cream. (Neither of us felt great.) It's fun to take them out individually because I can gently coach them on manners. It's not his special needs that cause him to be awkward-- it's that he is 10 and he isn't too fussy. He also didn't mind little corrections. He asked me if he is my favourite and if I like him the best. I said yes, but the truth is, all the kids are my favourites.


Naomi Joy said...

cleaning out old clutter is always good but never easy. You are a very brave lady getting rid of your books though. I could never do that. I would rather store them in boxes for a long time than give them away! I still have all my novels from my younger days. I was a huge reader! Did I ever tell you your kids are extremely cute?! I love your family and the stories :)

Ropi said...

Well, I almost asked what's up with your family because you talk so much about politics and such that I started thinking they are banned from your life until the Economic Crisis and the Elections are over. I wanted a summer job but I didn't get any. Next year i will be looking for them harder because I want a new PC.
Your daughter solved the situation very well however I would do it differently. I would do my best because my standards and if I get the job I would decide whether I accept or deny.