Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Like Erick Cordero

I am busier than heck (heck is a busy place, I hear!) but I am taking a moment to tell you all about my friend, Erick Cordero. I think we are friends-- we met during the election and while we don't do lunch and share a lot, it's probably because we are both very busy people. If we were neighbors, we'd probably talk a lot more and be happy for being near each other.

Anyway, I have been a lifelong Republican until this year when I realized that anything I said to my local representative was already decided by him and I could watch his eyes glaze over when we spoke. Erick Cordero is not running for representative; he his running for the senate. He runs an agency that gets lawyers to do pro bono work for clients who cannot afford it. My husband says he squeezes blood from turnips, water from rocks, swims with sharks, etc. and it's cute when he says that because you look at Erick and think, "He's so sweet!" And he is sweet-- but he's smart. (He gets along with everyone which may be why I like him; I don't like a lot of people.) Erick Cordero also a businessman. And- get this, Erick Cordero is a Democrat who is against abortion, but he also wants to solve the underlying need for women who want to get abortions. Pair this with the Republicans who want you to have the babies, but don't want you to get Welfare or train you! Erick Cordero gives a flying frak!

His wife is a really nice lady-- she is a teacher in Eagle River and teaches German. I don't know how many languages the two of them together speak, but they have more foreign experience and knowledge than many ambassadors have. His kids are great-- I have met them and my kids have met them and if you want to know a vine, see it's fruit. These kids will make him and his wife proud in the coming years. I used to live in Hillside and grew up with politician's kids and they were resentful. (As teenagers we'd sneak into our parent's wine cellars. . . but that's a different story for another time! LOL) Erick Cordero's kids are proud of him running. They won't be doing anything to embarrass their parents, God willing.

I don't like his challenger. She is a society doyen (dragon!) and is more, "Vote for me because my family's name is all over the place." She's raised $76,000 to Erick Cordero's mere $15,000-- because he represents small business owners and average people. Will his opponent still represent me if she wins and realizes that I have supported Erick Cordero? I am doubting it. She is letting a seated state representative bash Erick for her, which is annoying. Erick Cordero will still represent you if you don't like him, but for right now, he needs your vote!

This is what Erick Cordero has to say for himself-- read this and please tell your friends why they should vote for him.

Over the last few weeks, I have had the honor of running for the State Senate in Mat Su. I set out to elevate the dialogue and help restore faith in the public process, and I believe I have succeeded. My message has been consistent; we need to make sure that legislators are working for all Alaskans and we can accomplish great things if we work together for Alaska's future.

Throughout this campaign, I have been clear about where I stand on the issues, particularly in supporting:

* Development of renewable energy sources to find long-term solutions to our current energy crisis;
* Improving our public transportation system and roads;
* Making healthcare available and affordable to all Alaskans;
* Supporting our educators and other public employees by restoring the defined retirement benefits;
* Enhancing services for members of our senior community;
* Making sure that social justice and ethics are more than just a campaign talking point.

Partisanship hurts us. We need to work together as Alaskans to find solutions that benefit our whole state. I will always do what is right for all Alaskans because we have unique challenges that require unique Alaskan solutions.

On November 4th, you have a real choice. I will work hard for all members of our community. I ask you for your support and your vote.

Thank you.


Erick Cordero

p.s. please visit to learn more about me.

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Ropi said...

His face is familiar to me but I can't remember where I saw him. On the other hand we have a proverb (Nyugtával dicsérd a napot) which means you can say you had a good day only at the end of the day. I mean that promises and acts aren't the same.