Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am very, very sick

Someone who is very dear to my heart is a Jew in Jerusalem named who I will call Avi. I have known her through internet work for years and I don't remember when I haven't known her. Her answer to everything is chicken soup! I imagine her in fourth grade not getting her times tables and thinking of chicken soup!

Today I started coming down with something around 1. By 2, I was in the store feeling worse but buying chicken breasts and cans of canned broth and cream of chicken soup. I got home ready to pass out. Fortunately Peaches can drive and picked up her little sister from her horse back riding class. I told Cloud what to do and she threw together a delicious soup. It wasn't made according to Avi's standards, but I was in no shape to make it myself! When Cloud brought it to me in bed, it tasted very, very good.


Erick Cordero said...

I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel good! Try to get some sleep if you can!

Ropi said...

Well there are some cases when I have to ignore my famous precisity and one of the few cases are in the kitchen. I am a horrible chef so if I cooked for you, you would accused me of poisoning you. As much I like traveling you may see me in 3 dimension and you can accuse me.