Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Temperamental Diva is Steaming

The Temperamental Diva is my SUV. Before my husband left on his trip-- I won't go into that. The bottom line is, when a woman says that her car needs to be looked at and her man carries the fucking purse, he'd better take care of it without making an issue of what it will cost, announcing it or whatever.

FORTUNATELY my former lawyer has noted that I have been ignored a few times and have had some near MAJOR PROBLEMS with my vehicles. He told me a couple of years ago that if I ever thought that anything was wrong with my SUV or for that matter, had to tell someone that it was fine to give him a call. The heater quit working last night-- I think it was when the Temperamental Diva heard me talking about Sarah Palin not having the sense to use a flipping thesaurus and she was showing her coolness for the governor, but I'm not sure. Today I pulled up at the house and it was cold out and the car seemed to be steaming, but I thought it was because it was cold. I assured Peaches that it was fine, which made me remember the lawman's warning. He called me a couple of times, I was going out anyway to a coffee shop and I went to see him and I bought FIVE GALLONS of antifreeze. He put antifreeze and water in it.

I'm taking it to the mechanic in the morning and I have a class. So very frustrating, but I was grateful to my former lawyer taking care of me as he did.

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