Monday, November 12, 2007

Chicken Soup Tastes Tastey

We ate nothing but chicken soup this weekend and it was great. Everyone liked it and I made full grain cereals for breakfast.

Somehow, we managed to get the flu out but now a dry cough is upon us. Eeeeeek.

One of these days when the kids are grown up I will miss this.

Today my husband sat out with the kids and did more with them. He made chicken soup with three chickens that I ran to the store and bought.

I wrote a creative writing paper on a classmate who I think is a great guy. He's about ten years older than me (about 50) and it turns out that we passed each other many times. He knew my debate coach who my eldest daughter was named for, then he was at the huge performing arts center that my first wedding was in the night I married, being the head lobby guy. I was at another theater getting married and committing myself to someone who'd help me create two amazing daughters with. When I was training kids with disabilities to ice skate, he was running a skiing group that taught the same kids how to ski!

I fell "in love" with him. (No threat to my husband-- I fall in love several times a year. I glow, wear pretty clothes, smile at the object of my affection, glow some more and come home. Glow at my husband.) It was funny because I went to class late and saw him out of the whole room. He caught my eye and had my attention and I found myself not listening to him but watching him and how he spoke. He's a director and talented musician and and English teacher. To get assigned to him and talk to him was a sheer joy. We had some of the same student-athletes.

One of our mutual students was a young girl who was deaf. She would sign at me that she couldn't hear me as I admonished her and chased her all over the ice rink. She'd pull stunts that had me looking like a buffoon, acting like she'd been hurt then pulling my hat over my eyes, etc. I thought she was near genius with her IQ. I expected her to one day run Gallaudet. She sadly turned out to be mentally retarded. She is living a good life, but she was sharp! (Or I was extremely dull!)

My classmate kept in touch with her family and it was good to catch up on so many people through him. The world is quite small!

I tried to write a profile on him that was worthy but I came up with rubbish. I hope he likes it. My husband says I didn't conceal my adoration very well. That's OK. I may never see him again and perhaps he can use it as an introduction or letter of recommendation. "Hi! I am a really great guy!"

I spent way too much time on the paper-- it's a one credit class. I spent several hours writing it.


Emperor Ropi said...

I can imagine your husband's facial expression if he knew your falling in love thing.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I primp like crazy when this happens. It's not a bad thing-- if he returned my affection beyond a smile I would never be able to return to class!