Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Canceled the Surgery

I cannot go through with it. This isn't the right time. Do I need to be in a real fix?

I called the doctor this morning and told his nurse I'd schedule the pre-operation stuff. She'd told me that it was just a bunch of paperwork and would last fifteen minutes. She knew that I had a class the night before my surgery and said to come in right before since I was doing stuff that day.

I was like, "Cool-- I can come in today and take it home, sign it and take it back in a week."

Oh-- this had to be done 48 hours before. Then she told me the rest of the story-- I needed an EKG, a blood count, etc. I flipped out! What's all this other crap that she wanted?

I started asking more questions. She knows that I attend school two days a week in the next city and intend to continue in the spring. "How long will I be recovering?" Oh-- all of Christmas break and then right before I can see the doctor and he may approve me to return to classes, but I need to not be upright too much. WTF! I have a 90 minute drive each way those days!!! "Can't you lay down and put the seat back?" She thought my husband would just. . . drive me to and from school! ARGH!

I was freaked out by the EKG anyway.

When I asked her what would have happened when I went in to get my paperwork before class where i have a monster final, She casually said that she didn't know-- she hoped that I'd respect the doctor not being able to get another patient in and go through with it and tell my prof that I needed to take it later! She is a nursing school graduate. She knows that you don't skip out on finals unless you are dying!

Anyway, I had a test in toay. For the past few days I have been frazzled about this operation and didn't think I was learning anything. I think I did well on it. The operation is a HUGE deal. I'm glad I decided to not do it, but the doctor's nurse tried to talk me into getting it done. For whatever reason, I am simply not ready. Next time this comes up I will know what is happening and not be so thrown off.

For now. . . I am forgetting about this and worrying about school. Fiddle-dee-dee.


Mr-Lance said...

good luck, I wish you well.

Emperor Ropi said...

good luck. I had so much trouble with my wisdom teeth that I wished I was over it.

Dan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog last week. Do the operation when you're ready. You need to be relaxed and mentally prepared. Being stressed will do no good.

Naomi Joy said...

Good luck! hope everything works well. Wait until you are done school it will be much less stressful!

Naomi Joy said...

Good luck to you! I hope you get the courage and confidence you need. If you need to wait til school is out than definitey need that! It will be less stressful.