Friday, November 02, 2007

One Year Ago. . .

One year ago today my dad died.

I've written a lot about him. I won't go into details today. I started the day off with a shot of Crown Royal which was his drink. I do not know how he drank it. That stuff tastes like what I imagine lighter fluid to taste like. YUCK!

Oh well, I still drank to him.

My phone went off letting me know it was his birthday and that he'd be 69 were he still alive. I was about to delete it, then fast forwarded on my cell phone calendar. I think I will keep it on there. To drink to him with a shot of Crown Royal each year on his birthday and day of death is nice. I think he likes it, wherever he is, but thinks that I am wasting perfectly good Crown Royal!

A year later, my mom is dating again, a man who is full of vigor, whose traveled the world and who wants to take her around. They met a few months ago. Of course I was happy for her-- I think she worried about her kids resenting it but none of us do. Loneliness is a cold bed partner.
Besides, she is still stunning and pretty. It would be a shame if she didn't go out. Her life is shrinking though-- a lady who used to dance till dawn now hates to be out after dark and I don't blame her, but life gets smaller as the body's ability reduces.

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Emperor Ropi said...

Well, once everything ends up and maybe you or me will be mourned like he was by you.