Thursday, November 22, 2007

How do they do it?

My independent variables are at it again. I get time off and need to study and they are there, TeaCup has pink eye and needs to see the doctor so my husband takes her down and someone needs my undivided attention for a hurt knee. Or creates a confusion in the kitchen. I needed to study last night but Tiger wanted to come home so I went to Town to get her and almost had an accident. I thought that I had night blindness and almost caused an accident (I pray before I drive and think that helps-- seriously) but then realized that both of my headlights turn in the direction of the drivers side which is why I cannot see the other side of the road. I brought her home and when I got up to study, Miss 11 needed eggs for my husband's birthday cake. We got home and Tiger wanted to chat in the car so we chatted. Don't get me wring, I enjoy her company more than you can imagine but I needed to study! I was about to close when my three boys came off the bus. My eldest wanted to see his sister so he got in the car and chatted.

No problem-- I was to meet my husband in our other little city and I could listen to the Russian CD. He pulled up with a friend who decided to be helpful and rive him home. Damn.

It was his birthday and festivities began. This is my life.

I calmed myself, I'd have all day Friday to study. Not so fast, Tiger wanted to go to work late. (Yay! We have time with her!) Well, not really-- she needs me to drive her to the store to buy food, to get some stuff around Town before work. . . Lord, have mercy. I will crumble if I don't pass my classes. Soon my eldest will have a car.

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Emperor Ropi said...

Your children's name are still strange to me but it is good. It is quite boring that everyone is Bob or Jane or whatever. I am the only István in my class but in my family I am the 3rd in row who has the same name (either family and given name: my grandadn my dad and me It reminds me to an article when it is forbidden to give names to our Children like Superman or Radiator.